Different Nappy Styles

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There are several types of nappies to choose from along with accessories. Today cloth nappies come in different styles - Flat Nappy, Prefold Nappy, Fitted Nappy, Pocket Nappy, All In One Nappy. Covers are required for the Flat, Fitted & Prefold Nappies. For extra absorbency you can add an insert or booster or doubler to your nappy. It is recommended that you use liners (you can use the boosters as a liner) in all nappies as it makes cleaning a breeze & reduces any stains. Try the flushable liners, they are great as you just toss them straight in the toilet (remember that not all liners you buy can be flushed down the toilet, ensure that you check the label first on them). I sell a variety of Reusable/Washable & Flushable Liners. Basically it is your choice as to what liner suits you better.

To give you a simply view before going into more detail please review my table below

Type Of Nappy Absorbency Containment Cover Needed Dry Time Easy To Use Pricing
Flat Average Fair Yes Fast Hardest(folding required) Cheapest
Prefold & Contour Very Good Average Yes Medium Average (folding required) Mid End
Fitted Excellent Excellent Yes Average Easy High End
Pocket Excellent Very Good No Medium Easy High End
All In One Excellent Very Good No Slow Easiest High End

In brief, for the best absorbency, containment & ease of use you can't go wrong with either the Fitted (cover required), Pocket or All In One Nappy. The Contours are defineately cheaper but not as absorbent & require a cover for containment & may require pinning or snappi. The Prefolds & Flat Nappies are definitely cheaper but not as absorbent & require folding before putting on as well as pinning or snappi & cover.

Flat Nappies

This nappy is definitely the cheapest option & they dry exceptionally quickly. They generally come in a square shape made from terry toweling. They also come in cotton/flannelette or some people like to use the cotton muslin squares on newborns. These nappies have to be folded into shape (ie Kite Style etc) & are fastened by either pins or a snappi. This nappy also requires a waterproof cover to ensure good containment.

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